The ANZ Championship

Netball NZ and Netball Australia joined forces in 2008 to create the most exciting netball competition in the world: the ANZ Championship. The series showcases trans-tasman netball rivalry at its best, providing an unparalleled competition for elite players, coaches, administrators and officials in both countries. The ANZ Championship marks an exciting time for Australasian netball as it rapidly establishes itself as one of the best sporting competitions in the world.

There are ten teams competing, five from Australia and five from New Zealand. The competition features 14 weeks of round robin competition, plus three weeks of play offs. The Competition starts in March with the hotly contested final series being played out in early June. All matches are televised live on SKY and will be played on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Selected matched are featured on Maori TV.

The ANZ Championship is currently undergoing a transformation. No longer will standings be displayed as one league ladder, instead the Australian and New Zealand Conferences will have their own ladders. Points accumulated during the season will contribute towards individual Conference ladders. The model which has been in place for the past seven seasons, where each team’s points have been calculated in one league ladder, will now be discontinued.

Every win, loss or draw will have an impact on the Conference standings. From 2015, a guaranteed three teams from Australian and New Zealand Conferences will progress through to a restructured finals series. Despite the move towards Conferences, the 2015 season format will remain the same as in the previous seven seasons. Each team will play every other team within their Conference both home and away; along with one game against the five Tasman rivals either at home or away, alternating each year. Each team will play 13 games, 8 games within their own Conference; 5 games against the other Conference.

No longer will only competition points be on the line during the regular season of the ANZ Championship. The introduction of a Challenge Trophy will add an additional incentive for teams to win games. The trophy will be up for grabs every time the holder plays at home. Once a visiting team defeats the trophy holders, it’s theirs to defend against all challengers in every home game during the ANZ Championship regular season. Any team, no matter of their ladder position, has the chance to claim the Challenge Trophy and then defend it at their next home match. The better the home court record, the longer the title defence will last.

The Central Pulse

The Central Pulse are a New Zealand netball team based in Wellington that compete in the trans-Tasman ANZ Championship. The Central Pulse franchise covers the Netball Central Zone region, stretching from Hawke's Bay across to Taranaki and down to Wellington. The zone has the largest catchment in New Zealand with 38,000 netball players including 11,500 secondary school players and is governed by the Netball Central Zone Inc Board.

Netball Central Zone Board

Chairperson: Sue Gordon

CEO: Carolyn Young

Carol Sander

Owen Gibson

Lee-Anne Taylor

Oriwia Raureti

Scott Moran

Sue Gould

Graeme McCullough